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The music and products distributed on this site are not available anywhere else. We publish (Primal Pen Publishing) and copyright (State of Colorado) our own material before release. We are against the corporate industry standard and every artist attached to the brand is their own sole proprietor (Independent Artist). You can not find us on Apple, Amazon or any corporate site. All material is customary to you, the purchaser. This adds value to your purchase and the artist receives Full Payment of your proceeds for their hard work in their craft. Our movement is about Ownership and we are designed (in partnership with the Smile Factory) to only do business as "half business and half charity." This Brand is all about Healing Through Music.

Meet The Team

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DSB / Mr. Lociss

Healing PTSD

Horrorcore Rap

Derek The Heretik

Healing Social Anxiety


Shock-Raw KYNG

Healing Asperger Syndrome

Odyssey Rap


Julian Kuartei

Producing the Sound of Mind


Taylor Dye

Healing Suicide Idealizations



looking for talent

Looking For Talent

Healing Soon

Any Genre


Musical Projects and Albums

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Mr. Lociss "The Beast Within Me"

Rumored to be the last project from the beast. It reveals the secret pain that originally created this altered ego

Mr. Lociss "Southwest Sic"

This is the most disgusting music ever to be created. Not for the faint at heart

Mr. Lociss "The Horror Show"

Anger, destruction and bass, all collided in an electronic horrorcore realm of sound. This is a landmark of a project

Unorthodox Methodz "Out Of Nowhere"

An album put together by two massive talents. A classic project. Mental sounds from magnificent artists

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Celebrating the Medical Marijuana Industry with free MP3 Downloadable Projects and Oddity Graphics

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