Choking Lovelace

Dethcore Album Releasing this year

with Mental State Music

This is no normal album release. Currently in the patient finishing stages, Choking Lovelace provides to you a safe place to fulfill your deepest angers and depressions. This project began as a Suicide Awareness project as Taylor Dye engulfed himself in the flames of the deepest personal Hell.

All music here was created, put together and performed by Taylor Dye. Mental State Music and Primal Pen Publishing is proud to present his magnificent art, for the purpose of healing depression and suicidal idealizations. We bring forth a forbidden new genre for the brand. Deathcore!!

They may tell you it happens because of this genre of music, when the furthest thing from the truth is so. This is an escape to allow you the understanding and importance of knowing you are NOT alone. And may this underbelly of Choking Lovelace guide you to your eternal peace. Here's a sneak peek of the work in progress.

The Following Material is Unmastered and Unreleased

(c) 2018 Choking Lovelace / Taylor Dye

Personal Bio: Taylor Dye (Choking Lovelace)

From the darkest depths of the underbelly of Denver, Colorado.

A monster has been sleeping...Waiting... Biding it's time. The Time has come and The Time Is Now. The gates of Hell have been unlocked and the Beast has risen from slumber.

It's coming for you. Let go of your Anger. Feel Your Hatred. This Demon sees No Boundaries and abides by No Reservations... This Demon has been named Choking Lovelace.

Feel your anger. Fuel your hatred with sounds of the lost, forgotten and disgraced. Choking Lovelace is the driven force behind your eyes, and if you let it : The Absolute Hatred You Own. When it comes knocking, not even the strongest of locks can stop it.

We All are it. It Is All of Us.

Written and performed by Taylor Dye.

Taylor Dye Live at Sneaky Pete's

4706 Princess Anna Road Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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