Take a listen to Daniel Scott Burke and enjoy the healing process as he takes you through personal experiences, musical processes and mental vulnerabilities. Stream and/or purchase any of the albums below to support his movement.

As we grow forward, we appreciate your time and attention.

Always in Recording.

I've heard that the main reason people get addicted to substances is because they lacked the love and effection from a parent during childhood, or they have some sense of PTSD and feel the need to numb the damages. After a lot of consideration I decided to do a song of some of my darkest moments to press the truth of this notion. Enjoy

DSB - Skeleton (Produced by Island Boy Beats)


Be aware of what you feed your mind. We bring into our realities what we think about most. So if you're Lost in the Gloom, find your way out and push forward.

DSB feat. Rolas - Lost in the Gloom

gloom 2

Blue Flame is Finally Released. If you find love... hold it, cherish it and be patient with it's growth. I am toxic. Yet I promise myself that I will heal.

Goodbye my Blue Falme (Amber)

blue flame 2

Purple Passion

Single release for the memories of a past love. You may think you know who I'm talking about, however you are probably wrong. Remember me.


The Haunting of Self

Daniel Scott Burke celebrates 20 years of existence for Mental state Music with a 32 track instrumental album dedicated to self development. This album is geared toward horror soundtrack and is being fished for film placement.

aa thos dsb 3
aa thos dsbxx

White Noise & Passion

Daniel Scott Burke releases an instrumental album designed around neurological healing. Every song is designed in a way that correlates with pain/pleasure, happiness/depression and numbness/passion. Balance your soul with this masterpiece of an album.


Daniel Scott Burke proudly brings to you

"Lost Notes of Love and Pain" (The Lost Cuts Album)

Multiple tracks recorded between 1998 and 2010 during the origination of the DSB - Mental State Music movement. All tracks Produced, Written, Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Scott Burke.

dsb lost
see you there

Featuring Ramsey1 and Brogan

Created for a friend and given as a free download for all who may have lost a loved one. May we all meet again in the there after. I will see you there.

©09/13/2018 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-18-00173

she said she loved me

A song about relationships and possible mistakes within them. If we're being honest about relationships, we know that mistakes can happen. Without placing accountability on either end, love conquers all. If a mistake eliminates the relationship, it was not true love, rather, a partnership where both parties are together to learn from each other. After the learning process is over, the relationship ends, pain ensues and the two become better because of their past together.

© 08/16/2018 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-18-00123

dsb dop

A story about a man who lost his wife, murdered by people who he crossed while out in the street. Ending in tragedy as he retaliates and spends life in jail thereafter.

© 07/30/2018 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-18-00113

place of interest promo

Place Of Interest is about finding the special one, having been through horrible past relationships and the discovery of the right one. Learning to cherish the type of friendship this amazing experience can contain.

© 07/24/2016 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-16-00114

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