Finding Peace for You…

Let's put into perspective what peace is. Peace is a mental comfort beyond thought and feeling. It is usually specific to the individual. For those that live in the city, they may be stricken with peace of the sound of nature. Or visa-versa. I remember seeing a commercial for something (or rather) about a couple that went camping and they couldn't sleep. The kids were out cold but they just couldn't find peace for sleep. They then put on an app of "city sounds" and they fell right to sleep. That's kind of funny to me because for some people this is completely true.


When we talk about peace, we must remember that it is important to understand peace is different for most everyone. Though some things may be the same, the individual takes moments of their time alive, and renders certain good moments to identify their peace. I've tried many times to meditate quietly and have taken into consideration supposed rules and regulations of how to meditate and what meditation is. Meditation is different for me. If I go completely quiet, I find myself hitting a wall and waking in melancholy. That is not meditation for me. Meditation for me is to sit quiet, yet allow my thoughts to take me where they naturally go without interruption. I then find myself thinking about answers to questions that I didn't know that I had. When I opened my eyes peace filled me.


All of this put into perspective, when someone wishes you peace, or says may peace be with you, keep in mind they may be wishing you well, whether or not they mean their own kind of peace, yet perhaps they actually do mean the notion of your own peace. It's important for you to find your peace to balance the madness of the Earth. Don't let any one specific person or this physical world determine what peace is to you. Create your peace, guide your peace and be happy/thankful that your peace is different. The most important part is the calm of your spirit and may no one judge you for your purpose within it. Mostly, may you not need the validation or acceptation of who you are? You are Amazing. Keep your peace... it is yours.


My question to you… what are 3 elements that give you peace?

4 thoughts on “Finding Peace for You…”

  1. Aahh! I love this.. 😊 very well done, and makes me happy to see.. so! My peace is: 1* my children 2* my music 3* the awakening of souls higher purpose. .

  2. 3 Elements That Give Me Peace:
    1) Faith and belief that all loved ones are happy, fulfilled, and achieving their maximum human potential. My own peace is unattainable without the peace of those of whom my own existence is dependent upon.
    2) Accepting and embracing all of what I am and am not with confidence. Being at peace with my strengths and weaknesses, my virtues and flaws, and my successes and failures.
    3) My son and mate. Peace in knowing that my family, my anchors, my lifelines, will always love me for anything and everything I am and am not, through all of the myriad of trials life may confront us with.

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