Mr. Lociss

Mr. Lociss is the angst and darkness of an abused spirit. 10 years as an adolescent observing domestic abuse, violence and evil nature. This is the voice of a child who wanted good in life but was served with disturbance, fear and hatred. All Mr. Lociss projects are outcries for healing; to cure the PTSD, Depression and Anxiety that instills into a human that endures such darkness at a young age. Witness the musical birth and the silent death of what is Mr. Lociss. Electric Horrorcore Rap.

Welcoming Songs from Mr. Lociss

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Boogie Oogie by Mr. Lociss - Produced by Darkside Beats

© 10/31/2017 QM-34J-17-00123

boogie oogie mr. lociss horrorcore mp3 free download

Angst and Darkness by Mr. Lociss - Produced by Daniel Scott Burke

© 05/13/2017 QM-34J-17-00124

angst and darkness promo

Cut Em' Out by Mr. Lociss feat. Detag, D-Payne and Scratch LDP

© 04/20/2016 QM-34J-17-00113

dead click feat mr lociss

Take Flight by Mr. Lociss feat. Noah Jones - Produced by Cheff Premier

© 03/13/2016 QM-34J-16-00112

take flight promo pt 2

The Beast Within Me (2015)

ISRC QM-34J-15-00094 / 00109

UPC 6-91357-05249-3

Mr. Lociss The Beast Within Me Cover
Mr. Lociss TBWM Insert
Mr. Lociss TBWM CD
TBWM Tray Web

The Horror Show (2014)

ISRC QM-34J-10-00064 / 00079

The Horror Show Cover
The Horror Show Insert
The Horror Show Disc

Southwest Sic (2008)

ISRC QM-34J-08-00047 / 00063

Southwest Sic Cover
Southwest Sic Insert
Southwest Sic Disc
SS Web

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