Shock Raw Kyng

Shock-Raw KYNG

A phenomenal artist/personality with no limit expression. He is way beyond his nature and has decided to join Mental State Music's movement toward healing through musical expression

Journey to my Mind now available for Digital Download

All tracks produced by Derek The Heretik and Daniel Scott Burke

Physical copies are in replication now, soon to release right here

With no rhyme or reason, but to allow Matthew the vocal expression of what it is to have such a power and your great opportunity to be able to hear it

Please give a warm welcome to Matthew G. Akin (Shock-Raw KYNG)

Journey to my Mind (2018)

ISRC QM-34J-00126/00136

UPC 6-91357-05292-9

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Join us August 26th at Cactus Jack's in Evergreen to celebrate Shock-Raw KYNG's debut album release. More info coming soon.

Official Music Video of Rabbit Hole

rabbit hole

Shock-Raw KYNG - (Creating) Spiritual Universe

Take a front row seat into a live view of a Shock Raw recording session. Derek The Heretik take over the production side as Shock-Raw KYNG pushes out massive energy for spiritual change. Releasing Soon!!

Shock-Raw KYNG - (Mixing) A Journey To My Mind

Witness Shock-Raw KYNG, Daniel Scott Burke and Derek The Heretik mix the title track to Shock-Raw's debut album. Enjoy the live view of what happens to make this madness happen. Releasing Soon!!

Deep Space Teaser

Alive and Dreaming…

A dreamer doesn’t even know they’re dreaming,

Until You take this outta context

While life is leaving/

While life is eating its way out,

Popping another time capsule pill  that goes down the rain cloud/

They’re being formed into a question mark that wasn’t quite asked right,

Music is a medicine that will help me get through my time tonight/

Life is beautiful and it’s very funny,

When This is the land of milk and honey/

Hey dude I’m sorry for the illusion,

My whole life has been full of mass confusion/

Broken particles are considered hard to believe in,

What does that mean to them when I’m receiving/

Too much Information is transmitted through my phone,

Cracking the screen so you can't take me home/

Blowing out my blood vessels,

And when I’m snapping my stubborn pencils/

Lyrics flow out of them,

When the bread was broken just for the amen/



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