Single Shots

Songs that have been recorded and mastered, released as projects that never made the cut. This page will allow you, the consumer, the opportunity to enjoy the songs that were never released in physical form. We have decided to put them together here for your listening pleasure. Lest we forget where we come from… we all learn that it is not the beginning or the end, but the journey that matters most.

see you there

Dedicated to the Marquez Family

A song about losing a best friend/brother  to the other side. This is a reminded message that we never die and we will catch up with those already passed when it's our turn to do so. Love and Appreciation.

© 09/13/2018  Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-18-00173

bu - promo

Beautifully Unstable is about accepting your damages and loving your indifference, regardless of how others communicate with or view you. Never be ashamed of the monster within you. Featuring a production by Darkside Beats, the artistry of DSB, Sweet Nell and Grinchy Hendrix.

© 02/25/2016 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-18-00111

The Infamous Horror Rap group DeadClick released their massive full length album. Cut Em Out feat. Mr. Lociss was a significant cut in the project and we at Mental State Music have decided to present it here for your listening pleasure as a (Single Shot) free download. Produced by the mythical Detag (DeadClick, Sleepwalkaz, Ganxsta N-I-P, Brother N-I-P, Ailton and JackFrost) and full length album downloadable for free. Click on the picture for link. Remember the reference... if they don't present your growth, Cut Em Out!!

© 2017 Detag Music Production / DeadClick

the nothing promo

The Nothing is about facing fears and learning that the darkness has no power over the light. Sweet Nell on the vocals and Daniel Scott Burke with the production, this gem is an absolute need for your collection.

© 02/25/2016 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-16-00110

Suicide Prevention Promo

Suicide Prevention is about the stigmata that is presented by the many who suffer this great depression. This is our attempt to give acceptance to all who may feel this way and give strength to overcome it.

© 02/28/2016 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-16-00111

place of interest promo

Place Of Interest is about finding the special one, having been through horrible past relationships and the discovery of the right one. Learning to cherish the type of friendship this amazing experience can contain.

© 07/24/2016 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-16-00114

take flight promo pt 2

Take Flight is about governmental conformity. It is a solid message to all of the human race to break the chains and stick together for the greater good of righteous mankind. Produced by Cheff Premier.

© 03/13/2016 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-16-00112

angst and darkness promo

Angst and Darkness was created with just that. Moments that you feel you have no power and people try to step on you, as you break the chains and become who none of them thought you could be. A monster.

© 05/13/2017 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-17-00124

lonely promo 2

Lonely is a street side view about fake friends and how easily one can become a foe in any relationship. This is a statement, inclining about the truthful slogan, you come into life alone and you leave it alone.

© 08/15/2016 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-16-00115

drop that bass promo

Drop That Bass is an exciteable soundwave of a production. Sweet Nell, Derek The Heretik and Daniel Scott Burke get together to create a well balanced club song for the Colorado night club scene.

© 07/31/2015 Mental State Music & Primal Pen Publishing

ISRC QM-34J-15-00080

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